Military Printables

Duty Stations

  • The Best Things To Do In Fort Polk Louisiana

    The Top Things To Do In Fort Polk, Louisiana

    Fort Polk is a United States Army installation located in Louisiana. Consider exploring the vast amount of lakes and terrains that surround Fort Polk in case you plan to visit or are getting stationed here. As far as the weather goes, Fort Polk experiences hot and humid summers, whereas the winter season is quite mild […] Read more…

  • The Best Things To Do When Stationed At Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, South Korea

    The Best Things To Do When Stationed At Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, South Korea

    If you’re in the military (Army to be specific), there may be a chance that you get stationed on South Korea. If you’re lucky enough to be stationed at Yongsan Garrison, there you’re right in the middle of Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is a capital city in South Korea that is popular for having great […] Read more…

Military Discounts

  • The Best Health and Fitness Military Discounts for Gym Lovers

    In military life, it is important to keep your fitness at its best condition. Physically and mentally fit active duty personnel can defend the country at their full capacities. Fitness equipment and formulas and gym memberships can get very expensive and it might be difficult for military men and women to cope up with this […] Read more…

  • The Best Military Discounts on Home and Garden You Should Know About

    The Best Military Discounts On Home and Garden You Should Know About

    Military families rarely get to stay in one place for a long period of time. Which means as a military family, you don’t get to decorate your home permanently like the civilians do. However, that does not mean that military families don’t improve and decorate their home giving each place their own special touch. There […] Read more…

Long Distance Relationship

Care Packages

  • Cinco De Mayo Pinata Shaker Care Package Military Deployment College Long Distance Relationship Mexican Taco

    Cinco De Mayo Piñata Shaker Care Package

    Fiesta time! This care package theme is perfect for Cinco De Mayo or if you plan on sending some fiesta-style items: chips, salsa, tabasco sauce, etc. First I used my silhouette cameo to cut out all of the elements: -candy -pennant banner -pinata and other decorative elements -sentiments For the side shaker flaps, I cut […] Read more…

  • Almost Home Care Package Idea Halfway There Interactive Slider Military Love

    You Are Almost Home Slider Tab Care Package

    This is a great interactive care package idea. There’s a slider tab on all four care package flaps. The idea is that you slide the male icon closer and closer to the female icon. This would be a great care package idea if your reunion is soon or your loved one is close to coming home. […] Read more…