Located in the Missouri Ozarks, Fort Leonard Wood is an army installation that was created in 1940. In January of 1941, it was named Fort Leonard in honor of General Leonard Wood. Family and friends of military personnel are welcomed here and there is much to do around this location. Today I’m featuring things to do in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri so that you can enjoy your time stationed here.

Here are The Best Things To Do In Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

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U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Taylor Phifer

Uranus Fudge Factory

This location is known to be full of puns and tongue and cheek type humor but it surely has some delicious sweets for everyone. Besides their world-famous fudge, there’s a general store and other souvenirs to purchase here to remember your stay in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

US Army Engineer Museum

This small museum is very interesting and great for kids to learn more about the value of engineers in the military. This museum is known to bring the history of all eras alive and interesting for people of all ages. You will see artifacts from World War I and II here, as well as Iraq/Afghanistan, Vietnam and Korea wars.

M-60 Tank

Sure this may not be a place to go walk around, see history or beautiful art but it’s a statue or monument that’s worth a peek when in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. This tank is seated in this area and makes for a fun photo opportunity and serves as thanks for our military personnel.

City of St Robert Museum

The collections here highlight the history of the City of St Robert. You’ll see old photographs, law enforcement and fire department memorabilia here. There’s even an abandoned race track and much more. Enjoy learning more about the history of this location at this beautiful museum.

Joint Services Park

Enjoy seeing the great machines of our military up close and personal at this park. You can get some food and have a picnic or just walk around with the family. You can learn about each machine’s use in the military and take a photo afterward.

US Army Chemical Corps Museum

This museum showcases artifacts, historical information and more regarding the US Army Chemic Corps division that was founded in 1918. You can take a self-guided tour of this 9,000+ square foot museum and enjoy learning more about this division of our military.
There you have it, things to do in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. This list should give you plenty of choices to plan some fun-filled days while stationed at this army installation.

What else should I add to the list?

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