PCS moves are inevitable for military families. With the help of these unexpected things, your next move might be a little less stressful.

Whether it’s your first or fifth PCS (Permanent Change of Station), service members and their families are often excited, nervous, stressed (or all three!) about having to pack up their lives and start somewhere new. There are so many variables and details to think of. Are you doing a DITY move? Are you moving overseas? Do you have things ready for the kids? The pets? Yourself?

Take your PCS move day-by-day and step-by-step with the help of a PCS binder. Once you’ve got your binder in place, things will start to fall into place. There are some genius PCS moving tips already. But To help you along, there are some genius tools that might make your PCS move much easier.

These PCS move tips will definitely come in handy for military members and their families.

11 Genius Things That Will Make Your Next PCS Move So Much Easier

Genius Things To Make Your Next Military PCS Move So Much Easier, PCS tips and advice #military #militarylife #pcs #militaryfamily #militarypcs

Electronic Accessories Organizer

Moving Tips, PCS for Military
At this point, every member of your military family has their own electronic device. You might even have multiple yourself. Keep them all organized with this handy travel gadget bag.

USB Power Strip

military pcs move, surge protector
Speaking of electronics, you might want to invest in a surge protector power strip with USB capabilities. Just in case someone loses a power block behind. The USB capability also reduces some of the bulk that comes with charging your devices. Use this in the hotel, the airport, in at your new home to charge everyone’s devices.

Patch Repair Kit

Military PCS move, repair wall kit
If the holds in the walls are bigger than the landlord allows, you can try to DIY small holes with this Patch Repair Kit. It might end up saving you money.

Wrinkle Spray

military pcs move, wrinkle spray
This handy spray doesn’t completely replace the iron but it certainly helps get rid of obvious sprays. If your iron is packed away, you can use this in the meantime to get those wrinkles out of clothes.

Genius Things To Make Your Next Military PCS Move So Much Easier, PCS tips and advice #military #militarylife #pcs #militaryfamily #militarypcs

Fireproof Document Bag

military pcs move, document holder
Keep your important documents safe during your military PCS move with this fireproof document bag. It’s also water resistant. You can certainly keep using this after you get to your new duty station.

Large Tote Bags

military pcs move, tote bag
If you’re driving for your move, consider using large durable tote bags to corral all of those knick-knacks and multiple bags in your car. It might make transport and car organization a bit easier. They fold up for easy storage once you have moved.

Household Hand Tool Kit

military pcs move, tool kit
This is an item to keep in your first day box (or your car). It’ll make breaking down or setting up your new home much easier with a handy tool kit.

First Aid Kit

military pcs moves, first aid kid
Cross-country travel can be no fun if someone is ill or injured. Prevent or manage those occurrences with a compact first aid kit. It helps to be prepared if you have to live in a hotel or a new home while you’re waiting for your HHG.

Pull Out Sofa Inflatable Bed

military pcs move, pull out soda
Furniture packed away? it’s not a problem with this pull out inflatable sofa. Using it for sitting or sleeping while you await your real furniture. It’s great for future use when you have guests.


military pcs moves, instapot
Instead of multiple pots and pans and kitchen appliances, the Instapot lets you cooks a variety of food all with one appliance. It’s perfect to use while you’re setting up your new home.

Kitchen MultiTool

military pcs move, kitchen
This neat little kitchen multi-tool may come in handy when you’re living hotel-to-hotel or perhaps away your household goods (HHG). It comes with a cheese grater, zester, garlic crusher, channel knife, small paring knife, serrated knife, peeler, fork, spoon, bottle opener, corkscrew, and can opener. It would be great for camping as well.

What genius items and tips made your military PCS move easier?


Genius Things To Make Your Next Military PCS Move So Much Easier, PCS tips and advice #military #militarylife #pcs #militaryfamily #militarypcs

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