Ending a relationship can be painful, LDR or otherwise. Here are some tips to break up your long distance relationship, while still remaining on good terms.

Long distance relationships can definitely pose challenges. When enough is enough, it may be time to end the relationship. There is a myriad of personal reasons for a long distance breakup. Sometimes the distance can be too long that you barely meet, which tears you apart day by day. Also, you might no longer be in love with your partner. The truth is, it will be painful for you too but if you are convinced that ending your LDR would be the best course of action, here are some tips to go about it.

How To End Your Long Distance Relationship, The Nice Way

How To End Your Long Distance Relationship, The Nice Way

Choice of words

You should be extra careful with your wording when calling it off because it will always be a reference point. Irrespective of who is proposing the end of the relationship, it would be better if it is done upfront unless distance makes it impossible. Plan for the phone call and practice how you will do it. It will be a tense and confusing moment but you should sound composed and sure of what you are saying. Practicing prior to the phone call is important.
Try to be composed and not get carried away with emotions. The words you use determine whether the process will be smooth or cause more drama. If you are uncomfortable with anything on your partner or any negative element, state it logically rather than emotionally. Words influence the perception of your partner and whether you will part in good terms or not.

Medium of communication

Ideally, you would meet in person to end the relationship. But if not, do not end a meaningful relationship by text message. It is too impersonal and callous. It is not a graceful way of calling it off considering you are striving to make it soft and nice as much as possible. Of course, the main issue here is distance. However, if you can spare an hour for a phone call to end the relationship, that might be the best solution. Try to envision your partner in front of you while you are on the phone call. Tell them all the things you are grateful for from the relationship and why you no longer want to be in the relationship. If you are video chatting or face-timing, be sure that there are no distractions in your background.
How you do it determines the reception. Face-to-face won’t take away the pain but it will help your partner to understand and get to reality of the situation. Also, you earn more respect from your partner from how you deliver the message.
How To End Your Long Distance Relationship, The Nice Way

The future

After stating your reasons, it will come to a point where you have to mention the way forward. Will you still be friends? The choice of words at this point is also crucial. Do not give your partner false hope of getting back in future when you know you are moving on to another relationship or you are done with that part of life. It is important to be honest at this point. Your statements should be well thought and organized.
Your partner will be in pain and may never want anything to do with you as sudden reaction. You should be the one to calm the environment and manage emotions. Later, it is important to take time to look back and evaluate situations that led to your break up. Use any failed relationship as a lesson for the future.

What to avoid

If you are making a call, it should be brief and to the point. If you are meeting face-to-face, avoid discussing unrelated matters in bid to set ground for soft landing. It doesn’t work with ending a relationship. You should get straight to the point and expect to handle emotions. Don’t suddenly keep off in silence, it can cause more pain. It may be best to unfollow or keep off of on each other’s social media for a while just to make the transition a little easier.

The dilemma in ending a long distance relationship is often in leaving your partner in pain. Break ups easily lead to hatred not only between the partners but also families or group of friends. Whichever your reason is, you will have to state it in detail to your partner. Of course, it will be heartbreaking news to your partner and nothing can take away the pain. But you can strive to behave in a certain way to ensure the result is easy to handle.



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