You’re head-over-heels in love in your LDR, now you want to show your partner how much you love them. Find ways to express love in your long distance relationship with these romantic ideas.

When you are in long distance relationship, there are certain challenges you’ll both face. One of those is how to express your love. Standard methods don’t apply here, but standard ideas do. You are still a couple who loves each other. Basically everything that you would like to do in standard relationship, you also want to do in this kind of relationship. So you should find a way to do same or almost the same things you would usually do, but with your own creative spin. Be open-minded and think-outside of the box to express your love in a special way.

15 Romantic Ways To Show Love In A Long Distance Relationship

15 Romantic Ways To Show Love In A Long Distance Relationship

Tag each other

You can’t tag one another in real life in an LDR so tag each other on social media. By this, I mean tag each other in funny memes, gifs, or articles. This let’s your partner knows that you are thinking about them and you want them to see this interesting piece of content.

Create videos together

With an app like Tik/Tok, you can now create fun videos that showcase your love. Sing, dance, act, or just do silly things in the video to help strengthen your bond.

Romantic Video Chat dinner

It is hard when you can’t see each other live, at least not too often. One of the ways to show love is to organize a video chat dinner. That’s what you do in standard relationships, you go out for dinner. Taking in consideration that this is impossible for long distance lover, you should try to find an alternative. A Skype or Facetime dinner is the closest thing to that. It can’t substitute real dinner 100%, but it will do the trick. Get dressed as well as you would get dressed for an in-person occasion. Light the candles, and turn off the lights, soft background music will make a memorable romantic date.

Order them Food

Technology is great nowadays for long distance relationships. With apps like GrubHub, Uber Eats, Postmates, you can order food for your partner. You can either order food for a video chat date or order food as a nice surprise.

Send surprise gifts

You can both set up an Amazon wishlists full of affordable and/or splurge items. Once in awhile, you can either use this list for holiday gift shopping or a nice “just because” present to show your love.
15 Romantic Ways To Show Love In A Long Distance Relationship

Send a bouquet

Sending flowers never goes out of style. You can also send fruit bouquets to change this up and provide a nice treat.

Text good morning and good night

This is a must for every relationship. Letting your partner know that you care about them in the morning and at night will show them how much you love them.

Send letters

Sending a hand-written card or letter works for every relationship, long distance or now. Nowadays, people very rarely sending snail-mail letters to each other, but it’s a gesture that can be really romantic and touching. You probably get used to reading e-mail and Whats App messages, but letters are quite different. One that makes it special is that you wrote it by your hand, you can also spray perfume or cologne on the letter. Perhaps even a lipstick mark.

Send care packages full of your partner’s favorite foods

There is saying that stomach is the path to the man’s heart. It is definitely true and it applies to women, too. Choose favorite snacks of your partner pack it with some personal decorations and send it to your partner as surprise. You can also make some food for him or her. (choose foods that will last longer in the mail, or send it overnight).

Send Open When Letters

Write down letter for different situations. For example : open when you miss me, open when you feel lonely, open when you feel sad, open when you are overwhelmed with problems etc. When your partner opens it, he or she will feel better, and he or she will recognize your love. Write as many letters as you can think of. Find instructions on Internet how you should deal with particular situations and apply those instructions to your letters. But be sure that you packed those instructions in your form. Here are a set of free Open When Letter Printables to get you started.

15 Romantic Ways To Show Love In A Long Distance Relationship

Send a jar of love reminders

Fill the jar with reasons why you love him or her. Decorate jar as best as you can, and put small pieces of paper in it. Write why you love your partner. When your partner is feeling lonely or missing you, they can pull out a reason as a romantic reminder.

Play games

No, not relationship games. Use an app like “Words With Friends” or Snapchat games to keep in communication with one another. Not all forms of communication have to be serious. You can keep things light with a little friendly competition.

Talk dirty

If you are both responsible adults and are both comfortable with dirty talk, there is no harm in that. Enjoy some adult talk to get your engines going.

Surprise meeting

Let’s be honest, nothing can neats an in-person reunion with your long distance love. Figure out a time when your partner doesn’t have any major plans and you can surprise them with a reunion. Here are some ways to save money on long distance travel.

Say “I love you”

It really is that simple to let your partner know that you love them.

What are your ways of sharing love in your long distance relationship?


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