Fort Polk is a United States Army installation located in Louisiana. Consider exploring the vast amount of lakes and terrains that surround Fort Polk in case you plan to visit or are getting stationed here.
As far as the weather goes, Fort Polk experiences hot and humid summers, whereas the winter season is quite mild and shorter. This community consists of a wide range of fishing spaces, camping areas, and swimming areas.
Located at a distance of 10 miles to the ease of Leesville, it was formed with the prime purpose of training combat soldiers for the WW2 back in 1941. It gets its name from Leonidas Polk who was the right reverend, a Confederate general, and the first Episcopal bishop in Louisiana.

Here are The Top Things To Do In Fort Polk, Louisiana

The Best Things To Do In Fort Polk Louisiana
(Photo by Chuck Cannon, Fort Polk Public Affairs Office)

Kisatchie National Forest
The vast area provides scenic drives, hiking paths, trails for vehicle off-roading. You can go bank fishing at Anderson pond. The Kisatchie Bayou Recreation Area offers beaches, camping and canoeing down the bayou. Take caution as you doing during the summer months because it can get very hot and humid.

“On post there are great MWR facilities and activities. There’s a library, a splash park, playgrounds, arts and crafts center and lots of events. If you are into athletics, there’s lot of intramurals and tournaments held by recreation and fitness departments.

Enjoy the Lakes
If you are planning to pay a visit to Fort Polk, do not forget to bring along your fishing equipment. After all, fishing is what this place is famous for. There are two major lakes that are in the radius of 15 miles to the east of Fort Polk. One of them is the Vernon Lake that is 4600 acres wide and is the perfect fishing spot for fishing enthusiasts. In case one wants to spend a night, there is the Hickory ridge park right next to it that offers campsites with electricity. The other lake is a 2600 wide area filled with water, known as the Anacoco Lake. Near this lake, is the Methodist Landing Park which offers 12 camping sites.

Celebrating with Events and Festivals
There are a number of annual and regular events held in the vicinity of Fort Polk. These events include pow-wow, reenactments of battles, bud rides, tamale fiesta, and a number of other holiday events that are held within a radius of 50 miles around Fort Polk. For instance, the Zwolle Loggers’ festival happens to be quite popular among the locals. This festival is held to pay tribute to the forest industry every May. Similarly, the Sabine Free state festival is more like a commemoration of the early 19th century around which this area was a free state in between the US and Spanish lands. Apart from that, there is the famous Natchitoches lights festival that features carnival rides and a parade in the day, and lighting trees and decorated illuminations throughout the area at night.

Visiting the South Toledo Bend State Park and Reservoir
The Toledo Bend Reservoir offers a spectacular water all view that extends over the South Toledo bend park which is situated at a distance of about 30 miles away from Fort Polk. Apart from that, the park offers two trails that extend throughout the park that hikers and cyclists use on a daily basis.

While not located that close to Fort Polk, you can venture out to Southwest Louisiana and perhaps even Houston, TX for some culture and adventures. Enjoy some Cajun music and food, to festivals and fairs, and a rich history.


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