St Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday to decorate a care package around. Lots of green, gold, and rainbows! Once I chose my phrase for the care package, I then had to decide what icons I would use to represent St Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick's Day Rainbow Care Package 1
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I don’t like printing images of people or anything really because personally, I don’t like to eat up the ink on my printer. Also, unless it’s a high end printer, it never truly gets the crisp, bright imagery I’m looking for.

I decided to keep the icons simple: a leprechaun hat, clouds (for my rainbow), a pot of gold, and four leaf clovers out of colored cardstock. These are items that my silhouette cameo could cut easily and I would have no trouble assembling with my stamp runner.

For my rainbow, I decided to have to span across three flaps. It was going to be my statement piece if you will. My options were:

  • Use the cameo and cut curved paper strips
  • Paint
  • Ribbon

And then it occurred to me. I have washi tape that I could use that would make creating a rainbow so much easier! You could easily tear it and it has adhesive already on it. It was a lot easier to curve the rainbow as well as get all of the colors even. I got this washi tape from a local craft store but you could use a similar kind like this one.

You’ll want to cover the end of the rainbow somehow so it looks cleaner. In my care package, I used clouds.

On the bottom flap, I my sentiments and clovers, and then I was done.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Here are the supplies I used:

Video tutorial here:

St Patrick's Day Rainbow Care Package

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