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Diamonds in the Sky Care Package

Diamonds in the sky care package 3

Galaxies are all the rage right now in the creative world. Instead of decorating with good old-fashioned pun, I went with a song lyric. You ever noticed how stars at night look like little diamonds? I haven’t mastered how to watercolor galaxies yet, so I took a shortcut and purchased some 12 x 12 galaxy […] Read more…

4th of July “Cause Baby You’re a Firework!” Care Package

“Cause Baby You’re a Firework!” Thank you, Miss Katy Perry for helping me decorate my 4th of July themed care package. I knew I wanted fireworks, but it’s hard to accurately capture the brightness and boldness of pyrotechnics on paper. I want SPARKLE. Enter heat embossing. I came across this stamp set from The Ton […] Read more…

“If it isn’t Neon, It Shouldn’t Be On” Care Package

if it isn't neon, it shouldn't be on care package

“If it isn’t NEON, it shouldn’t BE ON”. That was the theme of the party, and it’s stuck with me every since. Seriously, neon colors get a bad rep, but they are super fun! Bright! Loud! Attention-grabbing! That’s why this next care package is dedicated to that neon quote. If you’re looking for a simple […] Read more…