“Cause Baby You’re a Firework!” Thank you, Miss Katy Perry for helping me decorate my 4th of July themed care package.

I knew I wanted fireworks, but it’s hard to accurately capture the brightness and boldness of pyrotechnics on paper. I want SPARKLE. Enter heat embossing. I came across this stamp set from The Ton Stamps, and knew that with the right tinsel embossing powders, I can get the “bling” in this fireworks.

4th of July Cause baby You're A Fire Work Care Package Facebook

However… embossing powder wasn’t enough. I want MORE SPARKLE. Enter glitter cardstock.

I went multi-dimensional with the top and bottom care package flaps. The first cut file was my fireworks, and I cut that out on regular black cardstock. I left room to put my sentiment in the cut file. I then adhered silver glitter cardstock to the back of the negative piece of the black cardstock.

4th of July firework care package 2

The second cut file was my sentiment. Definitely use test cuts on your silhouette cameo with your cardstock because my glitter cardstock was EXTRA thick, so I had to use a blade setting of 10, and a thickness of 25. I then cut out my sentiment on some gold cardstock and very, very, VERY, carefully peeled off the sentiment. With some more glue, I stuck that on top of the black cardstock. So in essence, there are three layers of paper for the top and bottom care package flaps.

Now it was on to the two side flaps. I stamped and embossed in layers, trying to change up the size, color, and position. Definitely have a craft mat down because there will be embossing powder everywhere! (Quick tip, I use an over liner, does the same thing at a fraction of the cost!) . Prep your paper with some anti-static powder tool, although I ended up getting glitter everywhere anyway.(Quick tip, you can pick up embossing powder from your workspace with a swiffer sheet) I used silver tinsel, gold tinsel, red tinsel, and blue tinsel embossing powders. All but one stamp was from The Ton Stamps. I used a small Happy 4th of July stamp from Hero Arts.

So. Much. Sparkle.

4th of July Baby You're A Firework Care Package 1

But guess what?… it wasn’t enough. I wanted MORE SPARKLE. Enter sequins.

I have a nifty little container that stores my sequins. I love it because I can take one container at a time and don’t have to risk the sequins flying everywhere when I open the box.

I adhered similar colored shiny sequins with some glue to all four flaps and finally, I was done.

Is it bad I want to keep these care package flaps… just to look at them? The how-to video is below.

To make it easier for you, I listed all of my supplies below with affiliate links. (compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you). All items were personally purchased.

4th of July Cause baby you're a firework care package

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