“If it isn’t NEON, it shouldn’t BE ON”.

That was the theme of the party, and it’s stuck with me every since. Seriously, neon colors get a bad rep, but they are super fun!

  • Bright!
  • Loud!
  • Attention-grabbing!

IF IT ISN'T NEON, it shouldn't be on Care Package Facebook (1)

That’s why this next care package is dedicated to that neon quote. If you’re looking for a simple care package decorating project, this is it. This project was super easy to do with my silhouette cameo.

I made a cut file, knowing that I was just going to use the negative side of the file (meaning… not the letters that were cut out). I peeled off the cardstock carefully off the cutting mat to not rip the paper. If you have a silhouette hook tool thingy, you can get around the tricky spots.

if it isn't neon, it shouldn't be on care package

After that, you simply:

-Pick out the cardstock you want to use
-Measure and mark the appropriate size you need to cut
-Cut with a paper trimmer or craft scissors
-Adhere to negative cardstock with strong, dry adhesive (Tombow stamp runner is highly recommended)

if it isn't neon, it shouldn't be on care package

Some tips for your neon care package
-if your paper is curling, set it aside under some heavy books to help flatten it out
-avoid having any seams when you adhere the cardstock together
-try to reuse the scraps to save paper

This whole care package took me maybe 30 minutes at the most from start to finish. See the video below for a step by step process.

To make it easier for you, I listed all of my supplies below with affiliate links below. (compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you). All items were personally purchased.


If It isn't neon, it should be on care package (1)

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