For most Military families, phone and email communication are priceless. Through long working hours, separations, deployments, cell phone have been a lifeline. Thankfully, many of the major phone companies offer discounts to military personnel on cellular and wireless plans. In this age of smartphones, data, and wifi, it’s must easier for military families to stay in touch with their loved ones across the country. These cell phone companies offer discount plans for active duty service members and some offer them for veterans as well.

Tips to Know Before Using Your Military Discount on A Cell Phone Plan

1. Always have your military ID ready to show
2. Bring in a screenshot from that company’s website of military discounts if you need to (I have the discounts linked all below to each company to help you out)
3. Compare all plans before you choose. Check out each’s company’s coverage map to make sure you will get good coverage at your current duty station
4. Offers can always change, be sure to visit the company’s site before you go to the store.

(U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Lauren Parsons/Released)

Here are the best military discounts from phone companies that you can choose from.


The AT&T military discount is for active duty members, reserves, retired and veterans. It is for people serving in the National Guard too as well as spouses of all the categories. A discount of 15% is available in qualified wireless plans.
In order to receive the AT&T military discount you can visit a local AT&T store and bring your valid military ID with you. You will also be required to mention the relevant FAN code. For more details (as well as each code), click here for AT&T’s Military Discount Program.

Boost Mobile

For deployed military who want to keep their accounts and phone numbers in service when deployed overseas, Boost Mobile offers them the flexibility of doing so without any charges. There are also no extra charges upon resuming services as reactivation fees under their Deployed Military Program. You can find more information about Boost Deployed Military Program here.


Sprint offers a discount on their Unlimited Basic Plan and 50% off on any additional lines. This discount is available to active duty members, reserves National Guard, retirees and veterans. Sprint also donates $30 to the Fisher Foundation on behalf on every new military customer account activated. Sprint also allows deployed military to temporarily suspend their services without any charges while deployed. You can get more details about the Sprint Military discount plans here.


T-Mobile offers the One Military Plan in which they provide a 20% discount on the first phone line, 50% off on each line after that and also up to a 50% off select Samsung phones. The discount is available to active duty members, reserves, National Guard, retires, veterans and gold star families. The cell phone plans includes unlimited talk, text, and data. If you’re currently in another contract, you can get a new phone and T-Mobile will pay off your current phone and service contracts – up to $650 per line or $350 in early termination fees, via prepaid card when you trade-in your device.You can get more information about the discount from T-Mobile’s ONE Military Plan here.

U.S. Cellular

U.S Cellular offers a 15% discount on calling plan fees for an individual single line and/or family plans. The discount is for active duty members on a full time duty in all branches of the military. You can get more details on the plan from US Cellular Military Discounts here.


In 2018, Verizon currently is offering exclusive discounts for military, veterans and their families. They can get up to $40/month off with 3+ lines for unlimited plans, 15% off/ month for other plans, and 25% off select accessories. More details on the Verizon Military Discount here.

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