Yokosuka is quite a vibrant town that is situated across Yokohama and Tokyo. Yokosuka has remained a major coastal city and currently holds a grand naval base for American and Japanese fleets. While you are there, do not miss the port cruise which takes you through fleets of various sizes and shapes. Yokosuka is also quite famous for having a vibrant nightlife with a number of American restaurants, shopping arcades, and pubs.
The Best Things To Do In Yokosuka, Japan

Getting to Yokosuka is not difficult at all. All it takes is a train ride that begins at Tokyo and takes you straight to Yokosuka within an hour with no stops in between. In case, you begin a train ride from Yokohama, you will reach Yokosuka within 30 minutes.

Whether you’re military and stationed in Yokosuka, or you’re just visiting, there’s plenty to do for entertainment.

Here are The Best Things To Do When You’re Stationed In Yokosuka, Japan


Well, Yokosuka is quite famous for having a number of arcades and local shops that sell almost everything. Visit the Yokosuka Port Market
for some local fare and really fresh seafood. For the fashion forward, visit Dobuita street, a great place for shopping and nightlife.

Take a cruise

The Yokosuka naval port is a wonderful place for enthusiasts of American and Japanese fleets. It offers visitors a 45 minutes ride through the waters offering a view of the ships up close.

Sarushima Island (Monkey Island)

The fare is affordable and you can bring your own food and beach supplies. Bring a picnic from the Port Market, it’s a nice place to relax and spend an afternoon for some historical ruins. You can easily explore most of the island in an hour. There are no monkeys there, just birds and bugs.
The Best Things To Do In Yokosuka, Japan

Go to Verny Park

Indeed, no visit to Yokosuka could be justified without taking a trip to the Verny park. The beautiful flowers will make a great backdrop for pictures.

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Visit the ocean creatures at this aquarium and amusement park. Kids and adults will have fun at the specialty shops, restaurants, and a marina.

Mikasa Museum and Park

While the Russo-Japanese war was at its peak, there was a signature battleship named Mikasa that was the ruler of the waves. Today, the ship has been turned into a big museum which is more like a memorial of the ship itself. It offers tour guides in English, which significantly heightens the experience of English-speaking tourists. Stay at night for the fountain water show.

Soleil Nooka Park or Nagai Uminote Park Soleil Hill

This park is great if you have younger children. There’s a farmers market, restaurant, playgrounds as well as a petting zoo. Great for a family day out to get away from busy city life.

Explore local art

If you go a little down the road, you will find the Yokosuka Museum of Art. Move further down the coast, and you will find a large lighthouse and beaches offering some great windsurfing experience.

Hokokuji Temple (Takedera Temple)

Find your zen at this historical site. Enjoy the bamboo forest and tea house. There are beautiful gardens to walk around.

In Yokosuka, you can find nearly every kind of entertainment that you need, at a short distance. Filled with hotels, pubs, restaurants, and great local culture, this town is indeed something to explore!

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