Being in a long distance relationship requires more than just love. It requires a serious commitment to the person and high levels of trust to stay in the relationship. Sometimes a long distance relationship breakup is best for the both of you.

As time goes by, the full weight of temptations weighs in and it becomes more challenging to keep the relationship healthy. In most cases, it is very challenging to survive the situation of being away from a person you love.

Coping with the loneliness everyday with little face-to-face time is difficult. There are plenty of reasons long distance relationships begin to fall apart. It becomes very difficult to hold on to maintain this relationship because the solution for an endgame are limited. Either you tough it out for a longer period time, you move to be closer, or you simple fall out of love.

Long Distance Relationship Breakups

Long distance relationships seems to require more compromises as you set out time for each other. In most cases, there is little time to communicate especially due to the distance. The routines are limiting and you may be pushed into making long calls every night or Skype at odd hours just to be in touch. Whenever these sacrifices diminish or interest just wanes, it is an indication that the relationship is headed for a break-up. When this happens, you know it is time to quit the relationship because they have something else more important and a priority to them. To avoid anymore heartache, a seperation may be best.

Here are some tips on how to recover from a long distance relationship breakup

Tips To Recover From a Long Distance Relationship Breakup
1. Do Not Attempt To Avoid The Grieving Process
You know you want to move on. However, trying to stop yourself from grieving in a break up only do more harm than good in the end. Relationship experts recommend a complete process of grieving and crying over the breakup is essential. Allow yourself to cry your heart out as the best way of releasing yourself from the inner hidden emotions. After spending time in love, the emotions run deep and need to be released. If you stop the grieving process by ignoring or distracting yourself, you will keep these emotions. However, crying them out will allow you to see them differently as things become more transparent.

2. Take Time To Learn From the Relationship

When your relationship comes tumbling down, you should take time to assess it. Just think about what has happened during the relationship. Go through the entire episode if possible and assess the progress and events. It may be a painful experience to go through it like watching a sad movie or playing a sorrowful song. It is all part of the weeping time so take advantage of it. Take time to do all these things to help you heal and feel okay again.

3. Cut Means of Communication with the Person

Long distance relationships often mean constant communication especially on social media. This means you have lots of memories and attachments on the social media platforms. Staying away from these platforms will help you heal from the breakup wound fast. Staying away from all communication channels may not be easy because it has been part of your daily life. This means making changes to your hobbies and time you spend on the Internet, for example. Your ex should not find a way to reach you too because this communication will interfere with the healing process.

Tips To Recover From a Long Distance Relationship Breakup

4. Purge any negative energy

After the breakup, it may be time to get rid of old memories. Anything around your room or car that can bring up old feeling might need to be given back or disposed of. You can redecorate or reorganize. You can also take this time to be around the positive people in your life. Avoid any people that give off any negative or pessimistic energy.

5. Free Yourself of any Guilt

For any relationship to end, there are always two sides of it; you either left or got dumped. You are not the only one responsible for the break-up. The misunderstanding that arose to cause the breakup was beyond reconciliation levels. This means none of you could no longer compromise to allow restoration of the relationship. No matter how guilty you feel, the break up means you have passed reconciliation point and are headed your separate ways. It is easy for people to blame each other. Do not allow yourself to take the blame.

A long distance relationship, like any other relationship involves two people. It is not your job to keep it running and so rid yourself of the blame to heal and recover from the breakup when it fails.


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