Carrying out a background check is a common practice that is normally done in order to build some trust. Doing this on someone you met online is not only good but very necessary. This is because of the number of scammers in the online dating world. Before you invest yourself in a relationship, it is important to know if the other person is trustworthy.

Here Are 8 Things You Must Do When Doing a Background Search on Someone You Met Online

8 Things You Must Do When Doing a Background Search on Someone You Met Online

1. Keep It Private

In order for you to be able to conduct a successful background check, do not inform them that you will be doing so. This is because if they are scammers they will find a way of convincing you not to do so or might give you a different name that they are sure will pass the check. On the other hand, if they are true, they might feel offended and end the relationship. Always keep the search private.

2. Find Out Their Real Names

For a background check to work, you must know the real names of the person you are searching on. Devise a way through which you can know their official names without spooking them. In online dating sites and social media accounts, many people lie about their names and details. Do not ask for the names directly as they may easily lie to you. Seek to get the names in a different way but be wise when doing so.

3. Be smart

Do not ask about them or post their names or pictures on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram asking about them. Remember your partner might be stalking you digitally and might end up seeing these posts or the posts can be seen by someone who knows them and alert them. This can cause different reactions that might end up being ugly. Be smart or alternatively have someone you trust look around their social media accounts in a very secretive way. Do not expose yourself in your search for the truth.

4. Keep it legal

Always try to use legal means when doing a background check. This will not only save your money but is also the safest way to do the search. Remember, there are scammers who pose as private investigators who offer their services very fast but bring no return after you pay them. So in order to save yourself from such only use legal means to do the background search.

5. Check their criminal record too

When doing a background check on someone who you have met online, leave no stone unturned. Even if you confirm that they are real and are honest about their names and details, always try and make sure that you so a criminal background check too. So many people who have a criminal record do not talk about it and for your safety, it is good to know if the person you are getting involved with has a criminal record and what the crime was.

6. Do The Background Check As Soon As Possible

It is advisable that one does a background check earlier in the relationship. Online dating can be fun and because of the constant chatting, it makes it very easy to get attached to someone. If you wait for the relationship to go on for a long period without the background check, you might end up not doing so. Conduct the check as early in the relationship as you can so that you do not end up wasting your time on the wrong person or on an imaginary relationship.

7. Do Not Violate Their Privacy

It is very understandable that you have to do a background check in order to protect yourself. However, your date regardless of who they are, have a right to privacy too. Be very professional when doing a background check. Do not start befriending his or her friends and family members with an intention of finding more about him or her through them.

8. Do Not Be A Stalker

Stalking is not only weird but might end up landing you in trouble too. Do not lose yourself and dignity in an effort to do a background check on someone. They might end up not being worth the trouble and the effort and you might end up having a bad reputation in the long run. Be sure that using the right means will still give you good results.

Never overlook a background check when you are involved in online dating. This is one of the best ways that you can be confident enough that you are in the right relationship with a true partner. Remember, before getting too involved, find out as much as you can about the person who are investing yourself on.


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