With the rise of online dating and long distance relationship, romance scams or “catfishing” is also unfortunately increasing. If you do embark on a new relationship online, there are some red flags to look out for so you don’t end up heartbroken (or worse).

When it comes to love and companionship, relationships are an essential part of our being. This is the reason why people invest their selves, their time, and even resources in order to make a relationship they are in last long and also so that they can find happiness. Long distance relationships, however, are quite a challenge to handle and normally need the people involved in it to go an extra mile so that the relationship can work.

The sad part about online dating is that you can never be sure if it is real or not. In order to avoid being scammed, it is important to look out for some warning signs.

Here Are 7 Signs of a Long Distance Relationship Scam.

1. No Video Calls

One sure way to know if you are in a long distance relationship scam is when your partner avoids video calls completely. It is very hard to fake a video call as compared to pictures. If your partner gives excuses as to why you cannot engage in a live video chat then you can clearly know that the relationship is non-existence. Choose to end this relationship immediately so that you can save your time and also save yourself from a heartbreak.

2. Constant Request For Money

So many people have lost a lot of money in online dating. Scammers always have a motive and these motives are mainly bad. They enter into a relationship in order to con unknowing men or women who are really and honestly looking for love. If your partner is constantly and frequently looking for money stating different excuses from time to time, then know that you are a victim of a relationship scam. Such people state reasons like delayed cheques, emergency sickness, delayed salaries, sick close relatives and so much more. These reasons also come together with emotional blackmails.

3. Last Minute Cancellations

This is yet another clear sign to look out for when you are in a long distance relationship. Regardless of the distance, it is important to try and make time to meet in person. If your partner keeps giving last minute excuses as to why they cannot show up for the date or why they have to cancel their flight then you should know that something is not right in that relationship.

4. When The Focus Is More On You

If your partner has little or nothing to say about themselves but are constantly asking questions about you and concentrate so much on you than on them then you can be sure that they are not real. In order to avoid being scammed try to get your partner to open about themselves and to talk about themselves a lot too.

5. Falling In Love Too Fast

In order for a scam to work the scammer will always try to get their partner to be emotionally invested in the relationship. True love is a feeling that takes time to grow. As much up people end up falling in love after meeting online and in a long distance relationship it takes time. Watch out for someone who professes their love very fast especially if this happens without even meeting them or seeing them in person.

6. Requests For Nudes

Sending nudes through the internet is risky and should be avoided at all times. When in a long distance relationship and your partner keeps asking you to send them nude pictures of yourself, be sure to note that you might be in a relationship scam. If they are not reciprocating or engaging in any other type of contact, you might be better off looking elsewhere. A partner who respects you should not ask for nudes so soon or so often, especially in online dating.

7. Inconsistent Story Telling

Catfishers or scammers can make up entire backstories to fool you. They’ll use other people’s photos or create other social media profiles to create an illusion. Once you start noticing plot holes or inconsistencies in your conversations, it may be time to delve deeper.
Many people fall victims of relationship scams especially with the rise of online dating. Watching for the above signs can end up saving you from being a victim of one. It is important to be informed in your pursuit of love.


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