Long distance relationships can be very difficult. You must find yourself wondering often if your relationship will last. There is always the fear of losing someone you love especially when they are miles away from you. Although you love each other, it could be emotionally exhausting and the longing and loneliness can sometimes cripple your relationship.
But if your relationship has these things below, then you and your loved one are going to make it.

Here are 5 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Will Last

You trust each other and respect each other’s choices:

Most long distance relationships don’t work because couples fall prey to doubt and distrust. But where there is love, there is no place for doubt. If you trust your partner to do the right thing wherever they are and whoever they are with and believe them to be a stronger person, then there will be no insecurities or doubts.
It is also important that you respect their choices and not act controlling. You don’t insist on pricking every aspect of their life.
You don’t let the loneliness get to you. You can enjoy with your friends and other people without feeling guilty and don’t stop your partner from having a good time without you. You trust that they will be always there no matter what.

You make time for them whenever possible:

Whenever you get off from work or college, you try to visit them. You try to make plans whenever you both get free. This shows your effort and interest in them and they do the same for you. You understand that they are busy when they can’t talk to you and both of you try to ignore petty fights.
Long distance relationships can be emotionally exhausting. And they know that it is better to let go sometimes instead of fighting. You believe in communicating rather than holding grudges.

You express your love for each other:

They always remind you that they are missing you and both of you try to make each other feel that you are in this together and you will get through it.
In long distance relationships, sometimes people keep wondering if they still have the same passion and love for each other. It becomes difficult for another person who is so far away from you if you don’t express your love for them and show that you care.
People who can make it work who never forget to remind their partner that they are loved and missed even if they are far away. They always show through sweet gestures how sincerely they are missing you.

Your partner knows exactly what’s going on in your life and vice versa

If your partner knows about your big project or your next big goal and vice versa, then it’s a great sign that you two will be in it for the long haul. It means you guys are communicating regularly. He or she doesn’t have to know every little detail, but if they know the things that are affecting your life on a large scale, it means they’re really invested in your life. If your love knows that you are feeling stressed or excited, then it’s an even better sign because you guys can connect emotionally even when there is distance.

You have future plans together:

You know you are important to someone when they want you in their life for a long time. Couples who think about long term goals together usually don’t give in as they are focusing on what is to come than the volatile present.
They tell you about their bigger plans in life and you are a huge part of the future.
They don’t make fake promises as they themselves know it hurts to hope and then get disappointed.
But at the same time you have your independent professional and personal goals. You don’t hinder each other’s paths and encourage them to do what they aspire for. Both of you know that being confident independently in your professional life is important and you don’t let your relationship get in their way to achieve more.
They understand that your life does not revolve around them but still believe in your love and always support you in the small and big decisions you make.

Finding love is difficult and it is more difficult to make it stay. Surviving a long distance relationship means you are deeply and sincerely committed to each other and willing to make every end meet to make the other person stay in life. Couples who try to nurture their relationship irrespective of time and distance sincerely can make it to the end.


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