Having a healthy relationship takes a lot of sacrifice. partners always need to invest a lot in it to make it work. A long distance relationship requires the people involved to do double the work it takes in a normal relationship. Communication is key in every relationship.  Long distance relationships require constant communication but what happens if you can’t talk to your partner every day?

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Whether it be work priorities or time zone delays, keeping up communication in an LDR can be a challenge. Luckily, there are ways to keep your long distance relationship successful when you guys can’t keep in touch consistently.

Here are 7 Ways on How to Thrive during a Long Distance Relationship When You Can’t Talk Everyday

1. Have a Favorite TV show
One of the best ways to keep your long distance relationship thriving especially when you cannot talk every day is having your own favorite TV show. It is just not enough that you should have a favorite program but you should make a point of watching it whenever it is aired. In this way, you will always be thinking about each other and laugh about a joke together even though you are in different places. I recommend getting a service like Netflix or Amazon Prime. It’s affordable and you guys can watch it at your own pace.
2. Plan Your Next Visit in Advance
Do not wait for your vacation days to come up so that you can plan your visit. Planning ahead gives you something to look forward to. As you plan including activities that your partner loves engaging in and plan that visit with your partner in mind.
3. Buy or Make Your Partner A Gift
Whenever you go out to shop or have a day out in the mall with your friends, try to buy something for your partner. You can choose to tell your partner that you bought them a gift once you get time to talk but keep the identity of the gift a secret. This will make them look forward to the next visit and will also assure them that you are always thinking about them and that you care about them. You can also make something by hand. This will not only keep you busy, but your homemade gift might even be more appreciated by your long distance love.

4. Send Video Messages
The fact that you cannot talk every day does not mean that you can’t reach out to your partner. In the today’s digital world, long distances relationships have been made much easier to cope with than before. Even if your partner has a tight schedule or is in a remote area where there is no constant internet access, a video message will definitely come in handy. In a video message, your partner will not only get to hear your voice but will also see your smile and your eyes.
5. Be Open And Tell Them Everything
The fact that is a long distance relationship does not mean that it should not be real. Whenever you get time to talk try to tell your partner everything even the things that you consider boring. Tell them about what hurt you and how you felt so that they can have a chance to be there for you even during the low times in your life.
6. Leave Surprises During Your Last Visit
Leaving little notes in your partner’s house when you last visit them is a way of keeping the relationship going. You can also arrange with a local flower shop to be sending them flowers after a while either at work or at home if possible. You can imagine the look on their eyes when they receive a gift from you yet you have not spoken for a while. For example, you can send them these Open When Letters.
7. Keep In Touch With Their Family
If your partner had introduced you to their family even if it’s just one member of the family. Try to keep in touch with them from time to time. Do not overdo it as it might not be taken well. Just try to find out how they are doing from time to time.

With a lot of sacrifices, a long distance relationship can turn out to be one of the best and fun relationship to work. It only requires the people involved in it to be willing to go an extra mile in it.


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