Germany is a popular overseas duty station for the military. Don’t fret if you ever get PCS orders to Germany, there’s a lot to do!

Stuttgart city centre, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

When you have your PCS Binder all ready to go, get excited for Germany!  Getting stationed OCONUS, especially in Europe, means plenty of opportunity for travel, culture, and memories. There are multiple military installations in Germany. Below are some of the main ones.

Kaiserslautern Military Community

The local military community refers to the areas as KMC. This includes the areas around Kaiserslautern, Ramstein and Baumholder. This area is located in South West Germany.


This area is located in central Germany about 25 minutes from Frankfurt International Airport.


If you’re stationed here, you have the benefit in being in a large city with lots to offer.

If you’re looking for things to do in while stationed in Germany or just visiting, check out some of the ideas below.

Here are The Best Things To Do When You’re Stationed in Germany


Fritz Walter Stadium
Catch a FC Kaiserslautern Red Devils soccer game at the stadium. It was one of the venues for the World cup.

Japanischer Garten
This is a Japanese garden that is unique and one of the largest Japanese gardens in Europe. The garden was planned in the back end of the 90s and the aim was to make it different but appealing. To bring culture, they sought advice from Tokyo to accommodate various cultural events.
The garden itself is highly relaxing and a nice place to spend with friends, family and even just yourself. It also is great for Japanese based events and festivals that have an accommodating venue for these types of events where they can have ceremonies and other forms of entertainment. Included in the garden is streaming waterfalls, ponds and mini sculptures that have their own individual meaning.

Zoo Kaiserslautern
Enjoy seeing the animals at the Zoo Kaiserslautern. There’s a petting zoo and over 100+ different species to check out. Here you’ll find some animals that you might expect to see in Europe.

Burg Hohenecken
This castle is very distinct and eye opening, with the fortress peaked at 365 metres at the rocky hill in the southwest. The castle was destroyed back in 1689 however 300 years later it was rebuilt and has integrated a lot of architecture for tourists to enjoy.
The castle was also used in the wars and dates back to 1200s.

Freibad Waschmühle
This swimming pool was built in 1908 in an old mill. The building itself is well built and has a wooden look that is classy and modern. There is also space for other sporting activities where families can spend time together, as well as relax.

Frankenstein Castle Hike
The Frankenstein castle is based at the peak of the main Frankenstein village. It is a close by castle not too far from Ramstein and easy to navigate to. There is easy access and enough places to park and settle without any cost. Hiking up the hill of the castle is enjoyable and pleasant, it allows for quality time spent with family or friends as well as a fun activity. There are also fields as you walk as well as other buildings to see. The view is amazing and very peaceful.

Rock Climb
The rock climbing is a great exercise based in Lautertal near the sea. The hike up the rocks is steady with a path at the side of the hills along with rocks that can be walked on for a nice hike. The activity itself is enjoyable and allows you to challenge yourself. This is especially pleasant when the sun is out and provides you with exercise to fuel your day.

The German Wine Road
If you love your wine and enjoy drinking quality wine with your partner, friends or family a great place to head towards is The German Wine Road. The scenery is one of the kind and very enjoyable to sit and relax with a glass of wine. You can also take a brisk walk and enjoy the views.

Gartenschau Kaiserslautern
The park has dinosaur sculptures, a miniature golf course, and large playgrounds for you and the kids. There are various exhibits and events throughout the season to enjoy such as Oktoberfest in the Fall and an ice skating rink in the winter. Take a stroll about the garden grounds and take in the beautiful landscaping.


The Pflaz Wald Nature Park
This park is the largest contiguous forest region in Germany. This is great for bike rides, hikes, and strolls in nature. You can even see parts of castles ruins in the park.

The Schloßplatz (The Palace Square)
This area is in the center of the historic Old Town of Wiesbaden. Marvel at the incredible architecture of buildings such as the New Town Hall and the churches.

Kurhaus and Theatres

One of the most famous centers in the area, the gorgeous architecture is spectacular. Catch a show or festival if you can.


This garden and zoo in Stuttgart on the grounds of a historic castle and is one of the most popular attractions. An estimated 2 million people visit Wilhema every year.

In Stuttgart area, there is the Schweine Museum (pigs) and Mercedes-Benz Museum. When in Germany right?

Stuttgart features a lot of vineyards for all of you winos out there. Enjoy some adult time with a nice glass of vino and have some pork schnitzel.

General things to do in and places to see while you’re stationed in Germany.

Check your local MWR for ideas on and off post for events and things to do

There are great shopping areas and farmer’s markets throughout Germany to get trinket and groceries.

Festivals and Events
The Germans love a good festival, there are lots of different seasonal events throughout the year to partake in,

With all of the public transportation, country hopping and traveling is a lot easier over in Europe.

What else should I add to the list?


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