A long distance relationship can be much tougher than a regular relationship. I’ve been there before. You cannot see your partner for days, your schedules might not match and there could be a communication gap. You get angry, frustrated, and feeling like you’re missing out with all this “waiting around”.

Before you fully commit to an LDR, you’ll want to weight the pros and cons of your situation. Are you and your partner going long distance and confused whether you should do this or not?

If your relationship has these things, you are ready to take that plunge and survive it!

Here are 7 Ways To Know You’re Ready To Be In A Long Distance Relationship

1. You and your partner have good communication skills:

When you are miles apart, things are going to be difficult. It will be harder to sort out a fight. Also, small misunderstandings can cause bigger arguments than they should be. Therefore, it is very important that you both have no communication issues.
When you are not close to each other means no physical contact. So, no touch or other body language cues are going to come to your rescue. You need to communicate with words to make each feel comfortable and secure.
The passive aggressiveness or the silent treatment might drift your relationship apart.
So, if you think you can be verbal about your needs and your goals with your partner, that you can show your feelings for them by speaking, then your relationship will be long lasting as the basis of any relationship is communication especially the long distance relationships.

2. You and your partner share same expectations:

Long distance relationships are challenging and if you are in one, you need an incentive to keep going. If you and your partner do not know what you both want from the relationship, it can go haywire in some time and end up hurting both of you.
It is important to know each other’s long term goals and if both of you are on same page.

3. You don’t have trust issues:

If you are in a long distance relationship, both you and your partner will have very different lives. They will have different friends, people and interests in their life. If you are having hard time dealing with insecurities in your relationship, then long distance would make it worse. Not knowing what’s going on can cause insecurity and jealousy. You both have to know you trust each other.

4. You are independent and don’t mind spending time alone or with other people:

If you always need your boyfriend or girlfriend around because you think you cannot have fun without them, then you are not ready for this long distance thing. If you enjoy being alone or even with other people sometimes and don’t feel guilty about it as long as you don’t cross any limits, then it should work fine for you. You also need to know that your partner is away from you and it is okay that he/ she is having a good time without you sometimes. It is also important that you have strong support system around you. Being around your friends and family can certainly reduce the longing you feel when your partner is miles away from you. If you know yourself well, and have a good lifestyle, you would feel secure in a relationship. Your mental state also depends on your physical well-being. So, if you are secure about yourself, you can trust your partner too and face the challenges that come along your way better.

5. You don’t compare your relationship to others

This is a big no-no. If you’re finding your yourself comparing and contrasting your relationship to others, you’ll be in for a world of disappointment and heartbreak. Couples night or parties will feel a lot different when your other half is not there. You have to be okay with having no set “plus one” around. This shouldn’t stop you from experiencing things with family and friends. However, if you know that what you have is golden, then your long distance relationship should be fine.

6. You’re both able to convey your emotions, if need be.

A common problem is long distance relationships is that you sometime bottle things up or tell yourself to “let it go” if there is an issue. You don’t get to see your partner so you might find yourself accepting bad behavior more than you should be. If something is genuinely upsetting either of you, you both should be able to tell one another without fear of repercussion. Then the other partner should be receptive, or willing to talk at another time. It shows signs of maturity for your LDR.

7. You understand that a physical relationship is just one of the many bonds that keeps two people together:

It is important that you understand a physical relationship is not everything. Relationships are built on your emotional and spiritual connection as well.
And although, nothing can replace the warm hugs, long cuddles and kisses, there are other things that make the relationship more meaningful and you can count on these things to sustain your relationship.

Lastly, let’s face it; it’s not cool that someone you love lives miles away from you. But all relationships are not same. People are not happy just because they live closer to each other. So, if you think that your special someone makes you really happy and you have mutual trust and respect for each other, then, my friend, you are ready for a long distance relationship.


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