Your long distance relationship can come across some problems. To help you prepare (or work through it), here are 11 common problems and how to fix them.
11 Common Problems In Long Distance Relationships (And How To Fix Them)

Long distance love is not always easy to maintain. In addition to the issues the regular couples face, you’re also prone to problems that arise when you live apart. Thankfully, there are common problems that LDRs go through, and therefore have common solutions.

Here are 11 Common Problems In Long Distance Relationships (And How To Fix Them)

You don’t give them their space:

Distance can increase insecurities. Insecurities can make you controlling nature and this can drift your partner away from you. Have faith in your partner, be verbal about your needs and insecurities and try to sort them out in a mature way.
Understanding is the key.

You talk too much:

Communication can be an issue for more relationships in general. In an LDR, you may feel that you have to talk more often. However, there can be a problem over sharing and over communication. Talking then becomes a chore. Have your own individual adventures and keep your conversations regular but not overbearing.

You feel like your relationship has lost the spark:

Sometimes it becomes daunting to express your love for your partner in a long distance relationship in the right way. But instead of focusing on this, you should think about how you can rekindle the flame. Make interesting dates, send them good morning texts, and tell them from time to time that you miss them.

You don’t trust your partner and respect their decisions:

You and your partner have different lives and you should be able to accept the fact that they are strong enough to make right decisions and you should be supportive to them. Jealousy is a common issues in long distance love and can be fixed by building trust in one another.
11 Common Problems In Long Distance Relationships (And How To Fix Them)

Text fights:

It is very difficult to understand the tone of a person from their text. So, if you are about to have a huge fight, please wait until you can Skype or call so that there are no misunderstandings. Also, when you are angry you can say pretty mean things, So wait for some time when you get angry, let yourself cool down and then talk to your partner.

You don’t express your love enough:

The most important tool in a long distance relationship is verbal communication. So, if you don’t make your partner feel loved, they will eventually drift apart from you. So, let them know they are important to you from time to time.

You think others are perfect:

You look at a couple holding hands and sitting together and feel jealous. It is important to remember that what you have is precious too and worth the longing. You need to focus more on improving your relationship in the given circumstances rather than looking at others. Enjoy your lone time, invest it in doing something productive.
In the end, it is love that matters.
11 Common Problems In Long Distance Relationships (And How To Fix Them)

You overlook their little interests:

The best way of showing your love is taking interest in your partner’s activities. Follow up on their work and ask them about their friends. Small gestures can show the other person that you care. Send them a cute video if they are feeling down or write a small song for them to remind them that they are being missed thousand miles away from here by someone special.

You don’t talk about your future:

In a long distance relationship, it is kin of crucial to share same expectations from your relationship. Many people don’t bother talking about if they are on same page and one of them ends up getting hurt.

You don’t reciprocate:

Your partner is trying to make more time for you and often visits you but you don’t do the same. This can be pretty off putting and hurting for the other person. You should also reciprocate texts as often as your partner or they will start thinking that you are losing interest in them and eventually they will stop putting effort too.

You are not honest with each other:

Going for drinks with friends?
Let your partner know so that they don’t wait for your text or call.
Have a busy schedule?
Tell them you are busy and you miss them loads.
Something is bothering you?
Tell them. Holding grudges or keeping things from your partner will cause misunderstandings and fights. Remember, passive aggressiveness is not a good thing for your long distance relationship. Be upfront and honest because only that is how your partner will know what is on your mind and they can help you through it.

What is a common problem in your long distance relationship and how did you fix it?


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