Lots of couples experience friction in long distance relationships. Long distance love requires more work to maintain their relationship. There are some tips to keep your LDR going strong.
5 Best Pieces Of Advice To Help Maintain Your Long Distance Relationship
Sometimes the problem is longing, sometimes it’s the trust issues and most frequently, it is the communication gap that distance builds between them. Even if they are willing to put in effort, long distance relationships can ask more of people and make them physically and mentally exhausted sometimes.

Here are five pieces of advice to make your long distance relationship healthy

5 Best Pieces Of Advice To Help Maintain Your Long Distance Relationship

1. Avoid excessive communication:

Many people think that if they are far away, they need to keep in constant touch to make their relationship survive. This can make the relationship pretty exhausting and eventually, you will get tired as you won’t be able to keep up with it. It’s true that there should be no communication gap or misunderstandings but texting 24/7 only shows neediness. Express your emotions directly. Don’t make them assume things which can lead to fights. Fighting on text can make things worse. Don’t text when angry. You will regret it later and your partner will end up getting hurt.

Greet each other ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’. This makes the other feel important and that they are a part of your life. Tell them you are missing them and compliment them whenever you can. Appreciate their work and encourage them to be a better person.

2. Spice it up:

When you are in long distance relationship, communication is often reduced to text or calls. You can spice it up by sharing interesting pictures about your day. Make it into a story. Be creative in expressing. You and your partner will both enjoy this and make them feel special. Talk dirty. Sexual desire keeps any couple from drifting apart. (just keep in mind, that the internet is forever.) Losing attraction for each other is also one of the reasons why long distance relationships fail.

So spice things up a little bit, make them feel desired and loved. Send each other gifts and mails. Try to do romantic things for them. This will help your loneliness and kindle the passion between you.

3. Try to find common interests and do it together:

There are many online things you can do together. Play a game you both like or learn something together. This is the modern age, use it for your benefit. Video call and take a walk together.
Do similar things. Watch TV shows or read a book so that you can discuss it. Discussing current events can connect you better emotionally and you will have fun doing it with them. It also doesn’t make you feel like you are missing out on stuff. You will also become more well rounded and knowledgable as well.
5 Best Pieces Of Advice To Help Maintain Your Long Distance Relationship

4. Know where your relationship is going:

If you have long term goals, the present challenges won’t matter as much. You will know that this is the person you want to be with in the future and the difficult times shall pass.
Let them know that you are sincere about your feelings for them. You both have to talk about your bigger plans. Keep them updated with your personal life and share your problems with them. This will help them realize that they are important to you and you like sharing problems with them. Support each other and make each other feel that you are in this together. Things will be a lot easier when you’re both aware of each other’s expectations in the relationship.

5. Enjoy your lone time and time with your friends and family:

It can be pretty difficult when your schedules don’t match and you don’t get to talk much. Look at it positively. Use this time to develop yourself personally and professionally and nurture your bonds with your friends and family. Understand that it’s okay to not have them around all the time. Make visits to them whenever possible, video call when you get time. But don’t let the loneliness consume you and your relationship. Get busy and focus on other goals. A strong relationship encourages both the people to work on themselves individually.
Believe in your partner and give them their space.

Your relationship will survive. Just respect their needs and decisions and trust them, show that you love them no matter the distance between you two.


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