If you’re in the military (Army to be specific), there may be a chance that you get stationed on South Korea. If you’re lucky enough to be stationed at Yongsan Garrison, there you’re right in the middle of Seoul, South Korea.
The Best Things To Do When Stationed At Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, South Korea
Seoul is a capital city in South Korea that is popular for having great skyscrapers, a very rich pop culture, a great number of independent markets and shops, and a vibrant nightlife. You can walk or take public transportation almost everywhere. Be mindful of the post curfew though.
In Seoul, you can find almost all kinds of entertainment from nightclubs to restaurants, and arcades for fun. Visit your local MWR for deals, discounts, and excursions.
While you are in Seoul, consider doing the following things as these happen to be the most popular activities among tourists.

Here are The Best Things To Do When Stationed in Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, South Korea

The Best Things To Do When Stationed At Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, South Korea

Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace

In case you are into history and like to learn more about it, consider visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Situated in the northern end of Seoul, this palace was a part of the Joseon Dynasty. This palace happens to be one of the most prestigious structures in the entire city. Indeed, it is something to explore!

Watch the skyline at N Seoul Tower

The scenic skyline of Seoul happens to be very popular throughout the world. In fact, some people visit Seoul only to get a glimpse of it from the N Seoul Tower. So while you are here, how about a visit to the Seoul Tower to observe it for yourself? Moreover, it also offers a very romantic setting for an evening with your partner. So you will end up seeing too many couples around.

Shop at Namdaemun Market

The Namdaemun Market officially happens to be the largest traditional Korean market with more than 10000 stores. You can find almost everything from this market. However, since it is huge, you may not want to skip ahead to look for things with better prices. In that case, you will end up strolling endlessly. Apart from goods, this market also offers a range of cheap Korean snacks that are worth a go!

Korean War Museum

If you are a history buff, venture out to the Korean War Museum to get a deeper understanding of the conflict between the two countries. There are also a variety of static military displays and military vehicles to check out (some might let you climb inside).

Explore the Furniture Museum of Korea

This museum happens to be quite unique in nature. It is great for history geeks who have a thing for old school and historical furniture. This museum hosts a number of magnificent woodworks and antique furnishing that one can simply fall in love with. The museum also offers an hour-long guided tour to tourists.

Theme Parks

Little ones will enjoy Lotte World. It’s an indoor amusement park with hotel, shopping, and a bunch of kid-friendly attractions as well as rides and exhibits. If you like your adventure outdoors, try Everland resort, the largest outdoor theme park in South Korea.
The Best Things To Do When Stationed At Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, South Korea

Go to Bukchon Hanok Village

Those who want to go deeper into the Korean culture, heritage, and history, a trip down to Bukchon Hanok Village would be an experience that is one of its kind. In this ancient village, one can find settings as old as 600 years. Many houses in this village to this day make use of the Korean architecture and true traditional lifestyle. So this trip could be worth a while for curious minds.

Eat at Maple Tree

Indeed, Korea is famous for its BBQ food. In case you want to try some top of the line BBQ in Korea, consider paying a visit to the Maple Tree restaurant. This restaurant is quite popular for serving top-class meat with great sauces in a very sleek and modern setting. Indeed, it could be the best place for a romantic dinner date.

Go to Bongeunsa Temple

Do you want to learn more about the Buddhist culture? This temple would be the perfect place to go for that! Here, you can participate in discussions with monks, enjoy some tea in tranquility, and learn more about their customs

Themed Cafes

There are some unique cafes in Seoul. Some dedicated to raccoon, sheep, meerkats and toilets (yes, toilets). Snap an interesting picture from one of the these cafes to show the curious world of odd-themed cafes in South Korea.

Shop at Myeongdong

This outdoor mall has all kinds of shopping available. Perfect for your own use or some souvenirs to bring home. There’s famous Korean cosmetics (K Beauty) and clothes to other street vendors.


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