When you are in a long distance relationship, you and your partner both have completely different lives. It is only natural that sometimes you run out of things to talk about. Don’t be alarmed. I got you covered.

Here are 10 conversation starter ideas for long distance relationships

10 Best Conversation Starter Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

1. Ask them unimportant, silly questions

Make it interesting. If your boyfriend likes superheroes, ask him which superhero he would want to be if given choice? He will tell you everything he knows about superheroes and why he likes a particular one. The upside of this is you get to know your partner better. You get to know what’s under the cover. Ask them their pet peeves or favorite song. Ask them when they have been embarrassed most in the life. Such light humored questions can make your conversation interesting and funny but at the same time, it connects both of you on a deeper level unknowingly. Ask them if they like zoos more or parks or what period of time they would go to if they had a time machine

2. Talk about people you meet every day

Let your partner get a clearer idea of who your friends are. This would make them feel secure in the relationship. Start like ‘you wouldn’t believe what John did today’. This also makes them feel involved.

3. Tell them something that struck you as fascinating

Tell them an interesting fact or something that you stumbled upon recently and couldn’t help but ponder over. Write such things down in case you forget. Try to find topics that would interest you both. If both of you like bikes, you can tell them about the new model that is being launched and how much you would like to buy it. Try to include them or tell them how something reminded you of them.
10 Best Conversation Starter Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

4. Make believe

People role play all the time. But you can also imagine and talk about what you would do if you were together at this moment. You can make a whole story or write a song together about your relationship or something that interests you both. You can act out scenes and write a story together. Talk to your partner in third person. Tell them that they know a guy/ girl who do something (what they usually do). You can compliment them this way too. For example, I know a guy who sings really well and I miss his voice and then you can call them. Small things can be decorous.

5. Memes

Everything today circulates around in memes. There are cute relationship memes. You can make your own little jokes and give each other nicknames. You can say ‘I found this so funny, I fell on the floor’. And you can laugh together.
Isn’t that what everybody is finding?
Someone to make them laugh!

6. Talk about personal topics

You can talk about anything right from your childhood memories to your family problems. Although it might not seem an obvious thing to do but talking about your really intimate life can bring you closer and build trust between you and your partner.

7. Debate

A friendly debate might keep things interesting. It doesn’t have to be about anything controversial. Dogs or cats? Breakfast food or dessert? Something where a back and forth conversation would happen naturally. A debate will also let you know much more about your partner and where they stand on certain things.
10 Best Conversation Starter Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

8. Memories

When you live far apart in your relationship, having shared memories can be hard. So one way to start a conversation is to share your memory with your partner. For example, what were your graduations like? What was your best subject in school? Or pick a year and describe to one another what happened or what you were doing that year.

9. The news

From the breaking news to what’s trending on Twitter, discuss what is going on around you. Their location might have entirely different news subjects than your location. You can keep it as serious or as playful as you like. Knowing about what’s going on in the world will make you a better well-rounded person as well.

10. Be honest

Tell them you cannot think of anything so that they suggest something that piques their interest. Don’t think about what they will think. Be honest about your feelings . That would also encourage them to speak their mind outright. There are various new apps for long distance couples which have inbuilt activities like collecting photos, word or storytelling games. You can also switch to doing something as talking might not be interesting all the time.

It happens that sometimes you have nothing to talk about. Taking some breaks from conversation is also a good option. Talking after a break can spice things up automatically. What matters is that you stay together through all ups and downs and not give up on your long distance relationship.


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