Handling a relationship when in college can be tough on many people. When the relationship is a long distance one, it makes it even harder. But the good news is that it is possible to have both a healthy and loving long distance relationship and a good performance in your college education as well.

10 Tips For Making A Long Distance Relationship Work When You're In College

Do long distance relationships work in college?

Every relationship is different. It depends on how often you see each other and how committed you are to one another in the long distance relationship.

Here Are 10 Ways That Can Help to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work While You’re In College

1. Be a good time manager

Managing your time well will give you enough time to complete your assignments and projects and still get time to talk to your partner. You can excel in both school work and in being a perfect partner once you how well to manage and utilize your time for both cases.

2. Be Independent

Even though the relationship might require you to be in constant communication with each other, do not feel or make your partner feel that they cannot spend their time on something else. Allow yourselves to focus on school and activities in the school as well. This is one of the ways in which you can also build the trust in the relationship.

3. Build A Support System Around You

Have good friends around you that you can lean on. Join a club in the college so that you can get preoccupied with activities rather focusing on the distance. You will be surprised how fast time will fly before you meet your love again.

4. Handle the relationship in a more mature way

Dealing with a relationship while in college can be full of drama. For a long distance relationship to work while in college you will need to handle it a little differently than your friends in college are. This means trying to avoid small fights and learning to trust your partner.

5. Be Committed To The Relationship

College is full of fun times and random parties. It is also a great breeding zone for peer pressure. Not having your partner around to attend parties with and spend time with can be frustrating and more often than not friends might mislead you if they think you are lonely. If you want your long distance relationship to work you must choose to fully commit to it. This way you will not get easily swayed.

10 Tips For Making A Long Distance Relationship Work When You're In College

6. Do Not Feel Guilty For Having Fun

Even though your partner is not around, you do not want to miss out on the college fun. You will only experience college once, so why don’t you enjoy it? You can still have fun and keep a true and healthy relationship. If you don’t, you will feel like your partner is holding you back and this can cause a strain in the relationship.

7. Utilize social media

Take advantage of social media platforms to make your partner feel as though they are part of your life even when away. Be the first one to tag them on your pictures. Whenever you take a picture while having fun or just in class, tag them and mention them in it as much as you can. Even if you choose to keep it private between the two of you, your partner will know you were thinking about them.

8. Do not expect more than your partner can give

So your roommate partner buys them gifts frequently and takes them out a lot. Do not expect your partner to do the same thing. Even if they would love to, remember there is a distance between you. Focus on when you will meet and not on what you are missing out on.

9. Try not to keep secrets

Secrets may start out innocent enough. “Oh she won’t know I’m going to a party” or “He doesn’t know that other guy friend showed up to the dorm”. But in this day of social media, one tagged photo, one snap later ,a couple of tweets, and your business is all over the internet. Nip it in the bud, but giving one another a heads up about certain situations.

10. Be prepared to change

A lot of people change when they go to college. It’s normal and to be expected. You are discovering who you are as an adult and what you really want in life. You mature, you get more independent, and you grow as a person. Your needs and wants (as well as your partner’s) might change and so might your relationship. It’s important for your significant other to recognize that this might happen as well.

Do not give up on love just because it is tough to manage. Do not lose yourself either in order to make it work. Concentrate on the positive and what you love about your partner and you can make the long distance relationship work.


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