Sasebo is a small Japanese town that is famous for having spectacular views, along with a rich history In If you are a history buff, then there are lots to do around Sasebo. If you are part of the military and stationed on this island, you might find yourself wondering what things there are to do. Since this town is built around breathtaking views, the top activities in this city are based on either sightseeing or history. Sasebo, Japan, is the second-largest city in the Nagasaki prefecture. Since there is a naval installation, there are lots of English-speaking locals to help you get around.

Here are The Best Things To Do In Sasebo, Japan

the Best Things to do in Sasebo, Japan

Explore entertainment at Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch happens to be the main attraction of the city, and people from all over the country end up here for a good time. It is more like a theme park, which resembles Dutch architecture and a number of other countries. It also offers crazy rides, games, and theatres for entertainment.

Henn-Na Hotel

While you’re at Huis Ten Bosch, check out the Henn-Na Hotel, a hotel run by robots. It’s an interesting visit to see how far advanced Japanese technology is.

Take a cruise or a hike to Kujūku Islands

These group of islands happens to be quite popular among the people. In order to get there, you can either take a cruise or take a hike through nature. Indeed, both offer a unique experience. This group of Islands (which are 90 in total) offer some great sights and breathtaking views.

Sasebo’s Zoological and Tropical Botanical Garden

Visit over 80 animal species and 1,200 plant specimens with beautiful views of the Kujuku Islands. It’s better for small children to visit.

Walk at Tenkaiho

Tenkaiho is a park that is popular for its beauty and neat gardens. While you are at Sesbo, taking a walk at Tenkaiho must remain one of the top things on your list. The park also features a zoo and an observatory up the hill. Indeed, this is the best place for a picnic or an evening/morning walk.

Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort

Take a boat tour of the Japanese Islands. There are beautiful views and the ride is very peaceful. It’s best to visit with the climate is right. The boat has indoor and outdoor seating.

Take a view at Ishidake Observatory

If The Ishidake observatory offers the best 360 degrees view in Sasebo. It is situated in a tall tower that allows you to see the entire city and the islands surrounding it. You may get a sight that you will never forget during the sunset and golden hour.

Kujukushima Aquarium

Do you love observing fishes? Then consider taking a trip to the Kujukushima sea resort where a famous aquarium is situated. A number of highlights of the aquarium include freshwater animals, feeding tanks, and jellyfish domes.

Nagasaki Prefectural Saikaibashi Park

Enjoy the outdoors in one of Sasebo’s best parks. The foliage and views are breathtaking. There’s also some kid-friendly things to do on the weekends.

Take a view at Yumiharidake Observation Deck

The Yumiharidake observatory deck offers the best sight of the city especially during the night time and the sunset. While you are at Sasebo, do not miss this! It is the perfect place for a romantic date and romantic evenings. Many people also simply get there to connect with friends and family.

Go to Maritime Self-Defense Force Sasebo Museum

Have you ever been to a self-defense museum? Consider taking a trip to the Maritime Self-Defense Force Sasebo Museum that boasts a great show of Japanese self-defense and its history.

Pray at the Miuracho Catholic Church

The Miuracho Catholic Church is a highly recommended place in case you are into divinity. It offers a very peaceful environment to whoever who wants to connect with himself/herself. Indeed, there is something different about this church. Just pay it a visit to experience it.

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